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Roll-in Docks

FLOE Roll-in Docks Maxis™ Canopy

Roll-in Docks

For beautiful shorefront appeal and rock-solid stability, a roll-in dock is a safe and smart choice for your family. Each section has a wheel kit making it the easiest dock to install and remove as you lift less than half of the weight of one section no matter the length of your dock.



Roll-In Docks

The roll-in dock modular design gives you the ability to arrange or re-arrange your layout as your needs change and the mobility makes it easy to install and remove.

Easy Level™ Leveling System

The flush mounted Easy-Level™ System allows top side leveling of the dock without ever entering the water! All that's needed is a cordless drill or FLOE's leveling tool. For a clean, smooth appearance, the adjustment hole is neatly topped off with a flat plastic cap.



FLOE's trademarked Quick-Connect™ and Easy-Level™ wheel kits allow for effortless connections and endless dock configurations. Because there is no hard bolting, dock sections can be simply moved or added-on to enabling you to adjust to your ever-changing needs.


Double Braced Easy-Level™ Support Legs

Enjoying lake life is so much simpler and more enjoyable with a safe and solid dock surface. FLOE's double braced Easy-Level™ legs eliminate unsafe dock sway and provide unrivaled stability. Walking on a FLOE lake dock feels like taking a stroll on a permanently built pier.



Wheel and Sand Pad Choices

Roll-In Dock legs have two options: Sand Pads or Wheels which make it easy to seasonally install and remove your dock.


Dock Sections and Components

Roll-in modular dock sections are available in 4' widths with 8', 12' and 16' lengths. There is also a 2'x10' size for slips and a 6'x12', 8'x8', 8'x12' or 8'x16' for sundecks. Ramp options include shore end ramps or shoreways. Wedges are available in 2', 4' or 6' widths. FLOE's maintenance-free aluminum dock systems are manufactured to provide you with a long lasting, trouble-free investment. It may just be the last lake dock you ever buy!


Design A Dock

Check out FLOE's 3-D Design-A-Dock system to create the perfect layout for your shoreline.


Storage and Removal

Off-season storing of your FLOE Roll-In Dock is simple. You can remove the dock as one large system if you have a spacious shoreline or the Quick-Connect™ System allows dock sections to come apart quickly for storing individually during the off-season.

Decking choices

FLOE's maintenance-free aluminum decking has a long-lasting baked on surface. The ribbed underside allows air to move freely and cool the dock surface. The aluminum also assists in keeping the deck cool by conducting and transferring the water temperature to the dock. Available in Grey and Aluma-Grain finishes.

Easy Level™ Leveling System
Double Braced Easy-Level™ Support Legs
Wheel and Sand Pad Choices
FLOE Dock Choices

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